Honouring the independent spirit of our ancestors while ensuring the well-being of our future generations

Honouring the independent spirit of our ancestors while ensuring the well-being of ouR future generations


About Us

The Lac Ste. Anne Métis are a contemporary rights-bearing Métis community with deep connection to the landscape we have called home for more than two centuries. Lac Ste. Anne Métis Community Association (LSAMCA) is a corporate entity designed and incorporated by members of the contemporary Lac Ste. Anne Métis community to represent the Métis aboriginal rights and interests of the historic and contemporary Lac Ste. Anne Métis (LSAM) community, a Section 35 (Constitution Act, 1982) Métis aboriginal rights-bearing (Powley) community.

Today, LSAMCA members reside at locations corresponding with lands and waters our Ancestors have used and occupied over many generations. As a kinship-based community, we participate in a shared culture inclusive of our distinctive customs and traditions, including the continued exercise of our Métis harvesting rights. These activities and way of life remain core to our identity as a modern-day, Section 35 (Constitution Act, 1982) rights bearing Métis people.

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Floral embroidery art work by Rachel Loyer (nee Letendre) of Lac Ste. Anne Métis, circa early to mid 1900's.


Member Supports

LSAMCA offers a variety of initiatives to support the quality of life of our members, including financial support for education and training and programs for children, youth and seniors.

In addition, LSAMCA has two housing developments in the design and construction phase that are focused on providing affordable housing options for a cross section of our members (slated for completion in 2024).

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Stewardship Office

Our Stewardship Office oversees Lac Ste. Anne Métis’ engagement and participation in all matters concerning industrial development activity (excluding economic development) and government relations associated with resource development and Crown land management.


LSAMCA is consulted on various Federal Crown consultation matters, including those carried out by the Canada Energy Regulator, the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada.


LSAMCA understands that Indigenous knowledges, cultures and traditional practices are important contributors to sustainable development and proper management of the environment. As a Section 35 rights-bearing community, we are committed to continuing to play an active role in caring for relationships that have been entrusted to us within our traditional territory.

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Economic Development

LSAMCA works closely with its business partners to secure contracting opportunities, including those associated with natural resource development projects. The revenue earned through these business partnerships goes directly to support LSAMCA Member Initiatives.
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Contact Us

Contact Us

Mailing Address:
Lac Ste. Anne Métis Community Association
P.O. Box 2091
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1X6

Phone: (780) 591-5050